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wake the goblins and locate the magic crystals needed to seal the portal before it is too late!

A dangerous portal has appeared in the sky raining down monsters onto our world. Only the bravest and most clever of heroes can solve the riddles, defeat the monsters, and keep our world safe from those who threaten it. 

Magic Portal is the perfect outdoor adventure for any age group or audience.

Players: 2 to 6 per team

(up to 50 teams can play concurrently)

Time to play:  60 to 90 minutes

Age Range: 6 and up

(requires adult supervision / participation)

how it works

Magic Portal iPad3.jpeg

Discover clues and solve riddles to unlock new locations for exploration to move the story along.

MAgic Portal iPad2.jpeg

Unlock digital treasure chests at the key locations you discover on your journey to progress through the game.

Magic Portal iPad1.jpeg

Get helpful clues from friendly Goblins as you work your way through the adventure.

Magic Portal iPad4.jpeg

Solve puzzles to get new clues and unlock the secrets you need to find the crystals and save the world!

Magic Portal iPad5.jpeg

Earn points for solving puzzles and completing your mission. Can your team earn the highest score?

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