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enjoy our games with 5 to 1,500 players!

KONVERG also works directly with companies to create and host custom indoor and outdoor augmented reality adventure games powered by the Cluetivity® platform. 

Mobile Escape Games are ideally suited for creating unique and unforgettable experiences.  Work with us to design exciting activities for your teammates, guests, or clients!

We can create different scenarios that are completely customized to your needs by incorporating exciting riddles and team challenges with our augmented reality-based storylines.

Our games can be played indoors and outdoors in nearly any location and scale from just a few participants, to hundreds of players at the same time.

Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, we can work with you to create game experiences for team-building retreats, recruiting and corporate events, conventions, product placement, event gamification, and many more use cases.

GET IN TOUCH with us to learn more!

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